Silent Salesperson gives customers a reason to call!

What does Silent Salesperson mean to consumers?

  • Automated pricing on a vehicle - including lease and retail payments - without having to haggle or negotiate
  • Text message & voice information about vehicle & pricing info
  • The ability to speak to a sales person immediately
  • The opportunity to browse a dealer's lot or ad without being hassled
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What is the value to dealers?

  • A substantial increase in lead generation
    • Ad response as great as 10 times normal ad traffic in print (we have seen more than 100 leads from a single ad)
    • Significant increase in lead capture on the web (one dealer sold 30+ incremental cars a month online [high traffic website])
  • Automated lead tracking for every call - by ad source
  • Details about the caller - including
    • name
    • phone number
    • vehicle inquired about
    • time and date of call
    • which options they chose in the system
      • lease payment
      • retail payment
      • purchase price
      • to speak to a salesperson
      • text message
  • Reporting on
    • call activity
    • unique callers
    • callers requesting sales follow-up
    • closed sales statistics
  • Confidence that information is always available to buyers


  • More than 21 sales per month (1/2009 - 1/2010)
  • At least 268 vehicles delivered
  • About a 10% increase in units sold
  • Sales approaching 1 every other day in the worst of the market
  • If you average $1000 per vehicle
  • You would be looking at $268,000 in sales directly driven through Silent Salesperson
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Silent Salesperson - Live Demo
Silent Salesperson Window Sticker
Sample VIN numbers include 123456,234567,345678,456789.
If you call from a cell phone, you can request a text message as well.
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