How are we different?

We believe that if you are going to invest time, energy, and money into any venture to promote your business (perhaps other than charity), it should generate a profit. Many companies will tell you social networking is a necessary exercise, but not to expect much from it. Our goal is to do something extraordinary within the social networking service context to make you stand out, to make customers engage, to encourage customers to spend money with you - and yes, to generate a profit.

Whether your goals are to drive hard toward profit, or to allow it to emerge with the community over time, we respect your approach - and we will build a site in keeping with your goals and your sales style. Positioning profit front and center is primarily to let you know that it is an acceptable goal in this world - even if you have been told otherwise.

Stand out!

Let us create an image of your business that is honest, that is not made up, or trying to be something that you think the environment expects.

Vibrant pictures, color, and a visual story that breaks with the conventional environment will create genuine interest, cause visitors to comment and share the site with friends, and grow your exposure.

A custom landing page allows us to generate an image of your business for the visitor. This is a very different vision that they would engage through a typical business wall or info page.

Don't be ordinary - allow us to create an extaordinary image for you!

eMA Motors Dealership
eMA Motors Inventory

Work your inventory

We can present your inventory (with or without photos) within the social networking environment. This can be done in a responsible way, driving customer engagement, sales leads, and developing customer loyalty.

Offer services

Work with us, and your customers can be requesting service appointments within Facebook. Don't create meaningless content. You are a business. No one is going to go to a business page - even in a social networking environment - and not expect you to have business offerings. Let a customer book a service appointment while they are chatting with their friends. You will build loyalty by offering your service in the environment of their choice!

eMA Motors Appointment
eMA Motors Dealership

Other options:

  • Schedule a test drive
  • Request used car valuation
  • Praise and accolades
  • Aftermarket finance products
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Seasonal promtions
  • Products & merchandise
  • . . . .

Make a request

If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask. We are early in the development of products for this arena, and we expect to expand. Whether you are looking for a custom option, or have a request for a product to be added to our offerings, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

eMA Motors Dealership

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Social Networking Demo
Social Networking
Click the image above to visit our sample dealership Facebook page. The page links to sample Twitter and You Tube accounts as well..
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