Social Networking - General Information

What is a Social Network?

A social network is tpically a group of individuals connected by something in common. The binding element could be a relationship - business or personal, a common interest such as films, sports, online gaming, or persons sharing similar goals - such as finding a job or losing weight.

What is a Social Network Service?

Social Network Services offer a set of tools that create an environment for social networks to be established, facilitated, grow, share, and promote their common interest.

Examples of social network services include:




Why should a business exist in a social network service?

There are a number of reasons for businesses to engage their customers or prospects in social networking services. The most universal is exposure. Facebook alone has more than 400 million subscribers - in excess of 100 million in North America. Next is the sticky nature of the environment. Consumers don't tend to stay on company websites for long periods of time, yet they spend an average of 55 minutes a day on Facebook. Why not engage your customers where they naturally linger?

Once you realize the customers are on the Social Network Services, you simply need to develop a way to engage them that is meaningful for them, and profitable for you. This is where we come in - we can develop a custom offering with your goals in mind.

Why can't I just do it all on my own for free?

Social networking services generally offer tools to use their services that are quite simple to use. However, their tools are typically designed for an individual to engage other individuals in the way the social networking service envisioned. Even if you believe this works for you, it takes time - and most important, consistency to build a following and develop a community through these services.

We believe in creating a unique presentation of your business and services within the networking services to make you stand out. This is not made possible by their tools - it requires programming, hosting services, and data management services. These are skill sets we bring to the table.

Social Networking Demo
Social Networking
Click the image above to visit our sample dealership Facebook page. The page links to sample Twitter and You Tube accounts as well..
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