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eMarket Assistant launches the REquest Property Information Hotline. REquest is the next generation of real estate marketing - enabling consumers to hear information by phone, receive information by text, and view photos and property information from their web enabled cell phone. Drop by the eMarket Assistant website and try the FREE DEMO.

Home buyers can know the price, bedrooms, bathrooms, description, and see photos - all before they get out of the car, and without having to go back home to lookup the property online. The system will text property information to the buyer, so buyers no longer have to try and make notes that get lost, or be frustrated by empty flyer boxes. Web enabled phones can view a full color flyer about the property with photos by clicking a link in the text message. Information can be referenced by REquest property ID, or by the property address.

Agents and home sellers are able to view a record of every inquiry about a property, and how the buyer navigated the phone system. REquest provides basic information to the caller, so the number of calls the agent must handle are dramatically reduced. The prospects that request an agent are likely to be more qualified, be happier, and have a higher closing ratio. REquest logs every call about a property, so agents no longer have to fumble to make a note while driving - they simply log into the secure system for prospect information.

For those looking for green marketing initiatives, REquest can genuinely replace the paper flyer with no loss of function. You will save trees, ink supplies, and power by not printing. Prospects can view a color flyer from their cell phone right at the sign post. REquest also alows them to save the text message on their cell phone without making a note - so the prospect is more likely to retain the listing and agent information.

Agents and home sellers can create an account and enter a listing in about 5 MINUTES. The listing is available to consumers IMMEDIATELY. eMarket Assistant uses Amazon's payment services in order to ensure customer confidence with respect to credit card information.

A FREE DEMO is available at the eMarket Assistant website.

eMarket Assistant, Inc. offers electronic marketing solutions to the automotive and real estate vertical markets. Custom services are available for any industry.

eMarket Assistant, Inc. is a Georgia corporation founded in February 2008 by established software entrepeneurs, automotive and real estate professionals. All of our development and hosting services are US based.


Our test dealer just hit their two year anniversary with Silent Salesperson. They had 268 Silent Salesperson deals over the last 12 months (January 2009 - January 2010).

It's a tough market for any dealer, but wouldn't you love to be selling 20+ cars a month with a system that can prove their results through your F&I data?

Visit the eMarketAssistant website and click on Automotive to learn more.