REQuest Delivers
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For home buyers:

  • 24 hour information (bedrooms, bathrooms, price, description)
  • Text listing directly to cell phone
  • Option to connect to the listing agent
  • Link to full color flyer in text message for those with mobile web access. Try the demo!


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House in the spring

For home sellers:

  • Confidence that property information is always available to buyers
  • Reports that let the agent or seller know how many potential buyers are calling
  • Assurance that their agent is using cutting edge technology to market their property
  • The ability to provide information and have customers contact them without publishing their phone number

For agents:

  • Engage your customers at their (cell phone) technology level.
    • Basic user: can listen to the voice recording.
    • Intermediate user: can have information sent to their phone by text.
    • Advanced user: a full flyer is available on their mobile phone (through a link in the text message).
    • One set of input for you, 3 delivery methods driving customer satisfaction.
  • A professional image
  • Never miss another call (calls are captured and logged by REQuest)
  • Automated lead tracking - caller id is captured. Tracking includes caller name (in most cases), number, property called about, and whether or not the caller requested additional information
  • Advertising tracking - use multiple numbers for one account and track various ad sources - print vs website vs sign, etc.
  • Reports for all agent needs on call activity.
  • The ability to provide information and have customers contact them without publishing their private phone number(s)
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Get Started - 3 Simple Steps:

  • Create an account on our secure application site by clicking here
  • Create payment preferences through our Amazon's payment services (you will be linked from the account creation screen).
  • Enter your 1st listing
Your 1st listing - live in about 5 minutes.
It's that easy!

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Call 1-866-461-6286 for a no-cost, no obligation, demonstration of the REquest Real Estate system.

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Sample Street address: "123 Main St". If you call from your cell phone, you will be able to request a text message with property information, and a link to the mobile flyer.

Real Estate Experience

eMarketAssistant team members include licensed real estate agents and brokers. Products in development are a result of direct and ongoing experience in the real estate market.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, and ways to improve our product. Please let us know what features or new products you would like to see.