eMarket Assistant builds and collaborates with a number of entities to bring world class products to market. Some will be grouped by function, and others by industry.

Automotive Products

Autmotive Dealer Software Products Credit Application Image

Dealer Credit Application

eMarket Assistant offers one of the most extensive online applications for Autmotive Finance. We allow for

  • Individual Applications
  • Joint Applications
  • Business Applications

Our applications are printable in an easy to read format, and are not tied directly to bureaus. Dealers can continue to use the vendor and negotiated rates of their choosing.

You can view a demo of the consumer application here: eMA Motors Credit Application

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Products

The Ultimate Buyers Agent Blueprint

The Ultimate Buyers Agent Blueprint

The Ultimate Buyers Agent Blueprint was created by Richard Reid at Direct Link Realty. Richard has used it to sell over 400 homes, and more than $100 Million in residential real estate. It has also been the foundation he has used to train agents who have worked with him for years. Learn shortcuts to proven success from a consistent top performer. Richard has over 17 years of real estate experience.

  • Module 1: The Psychology Of A High Performing Buyer’s Agent
  • Module 2: The First Appointment
  • Module 3: The Showing
  • Module 4: The Financials
  • Module 5: Building Your Partners
  • Module 6: Showing The Homes
  • Module 7: Closing The Deal And Negotiating Like A Top Performer
  • Module 8: Creating A Buyer System